We are BACK

Ok, so; we’ve been traveling a lot; spent some time in Dominican Republic (la isla del sol) and then Argentina. Both places we travel around enjoying whatever each place had to offer. While in Dominican Republic we were able to do a workshop / course of a weekend in Rancho Baiguate, Jarabacoa where we learned some natural method to build clay house using the technique called “Quincha”. We got to know very cool group who i get to know more and more thru social media.
Then, since this workshop was such a success for us, we decide to do the 21 day course in La Patagonia Argentina with el maestro del barro “Jorge Belanko”. What a great experience. It was so awesome to get to know all these people with such good stories. Very grounded in terms of living, recognizing what is really important, to live, healthy, happy and simple aroud of people with same interest.
The exact location of the course is called “El Hoyo de Epuyen”. Very nice little town with a huge variety of fine fruits growing wild, like blackberries, pear, apples, plums, walnut trees, ext. During the night is really cold even in summer experiencing temperatures during the day as hot as 85-95F and nights as low as 35-55F. Crazy!
I’ll continue to write more, let see if this time i get motivated enough to post more! Having troubles uploading pictures so it bot that cook without pictures!